What we stand for.
Personal quality assurance.

About us

L&M is one of the biggest players in the international flower industry. We only settle for top-quality flowers, working together with the main exporters in this market. Our products are shipped across the globe. 

“The best flowers, sustainable quality and the best price. It’s a promise…”

Our sustainable mission

For nearly 70 years, we have invested best efforts to serve customers as  well as we possibly can. To do so, we have been designing our processes in the most efficient manner. The less fewer interim steps we make, the more we are able to save together. And the longer our customers get to enjoy their end products.

  • We pack products at the grower’s as much as we can (at the start of the chain).
  • We pack our flowers in large quantities as much as we can.
  • Our environmentally friendly trucks (LZVs) are running on efficient engines. 
  • We waste as little plastic and packaging material as possible. 
  • We separate plastic from any other waste products. 

In addition, we hold internationally acknowledged quality marks (e.g. MPS Florimark Trade and ISO 9001) and we work together with certified growers who meet the FairTrade, MPS, Global Gap and SQ criteria. 

The beginning

"L&M Rijnsburg B.V. is a family owned company boasting nearly 70 years of experience and expertise."

Almost 70 years ago, in 1948, flower purchasers Joost Leeuwenburg, Jan Mooten and Frans Kiel set up a company which they called KLM’s Flowers. Several years later on, Frans Kiel left the company. Joost and Jan renamed the company Leeuwenburg & Mooten.

Business thrived, and so the gentlemen began to prepare the next generation to take over.  In 1979, the company welcomed 18-yeard old Joost Leeuwenburg and his partner Wil Boogaards. Both were determined to excel. 

In 2007 their hard work paid off, baptising their very own tulip known as the Lions Glory. A token of appreciation from the field.

Since 2013, Jan Willem Leeuwenburg has been in charge, taking the company to the next international level. New partnerships followed, leading to e.g. Growing Together, L&M Premium and Lefloro. 

Today the company is dedicated to Premium products, full services, new partnerships and making the industry more sustainable.