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We use our customised track & trace systems to keep logistics processes fully under control. They communicate the location of our products at all times. But also whether processes are on schedule and the things that could be done more efficiently. They help us think ahead, take economic leaps and above all: serve our customers.

To briefly cold-store your flowers, to use our trucks efficiently and to ensure the fastest delivery to stores at the most favourable times. Every step within the logistics process is designed to be as efficient as possible.  

Boasting 12 trucks and thanks to the expertise and dedication of 35 professional workers, we are serving over 230 customers in more than 25 countries every single year. Together, we guarantee personal quality assurance and meticulous checks – during and after purchase and delivery.

More information

Please feel free to contact our team at logistiek@lm-rijnsburgbv.nl or +31 (0)85 040 68 00. If you have any question about our logistics planning, please contact Ronald Minnee at +31 (0)6 20 42 71 06.